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Wasp nest in attic

Mrs P's nest contained approx 45, 000 wasps and continued well into the eaves.





Wasps tend to be regarded as a nuisance pest, but they are a very useful insect, helping to control other insects and even pollinating plants. Many people have a phobia about wasps, with good reason. Cases of people drinking their can of soft drink, hadn't noticed a wasp pop in for a drink as well, then taking a swig. Being stung in the throat or back of the tongue, the swelling can cause severe breathing difficulties and even death.


The average mature nest will contain 5000-8000 wasps, but can reach 20,000 in favourable years. The favoured place for a nest is in the ground, your garden shed, in the eaves or attic space of your home. During the summer months when the population is at its peak, the scavanging workers can become a problem.


Control - Some products available to the public can be useful in the early stages of wasp control, but when the nest is past the "starter" stage, it is best left to the pest controller.


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Large wasp nest removed

This nest contained approx 60,000


Emerging wasp


Common wasp